The Tax Assessor-Collector does not prescribe property values; the Tarrant Appraisal District does that, but the Tax Assessor-Collector is a non-voting member of the Appraisal District and has a voice in advocating for the taxpayers.  Everyone wants their property values to rise, but the bite comes with the simultaneous increase in taxes, even when the tax rate remains the same.  The state legislature is the only entity that can change this system, but we need officials willing to advocate for real solutions to the ever-increasing impact of the connection between rising property values and taxes.  We are caught in a loop, and it is hurting all of us.  I'm committed to being a voice for solutions, and I'm committed to working with the legislature to find a way to get us out of this ever-increasing cycle.

Until the legislature puts a new solution in place, there are only two ways to reduce taxes: either property values stall or drop, or spending is reduced.  As Tax Assessor-Collector, I can control one of those things – spending within the Tax Office.  I want to ensure that every dollar spent in the Tax Office is a necessary dollar, and if not, then I'm committed to adjusting the budget to reduce that spending.

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