Thank you for your support.  I appreciate your endorsement of my campaign, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve our community if elected.

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Endorsement Quotes

We are very pleased to announce that you have received the endorsement of DFW Conservative Voters.  We are a small volunteer organization committed to supporting the best conservative candidate in contested Republican primary races.  DFW Conservative Voters has been making recommendations since 1998.  Our motto is “traditional family values, low taxes, and limited government.” We are also firmly committed to maintaining the right to keep and bear arms, to a strong national defense, to securing our borders, and to continued victory in the War on Terror.  The purpose is simple: to provide voter help by recommending the best conservative candidate in each contested Republican primary race and then getting that information to the conservative voters across the DFW metro area.  (DFW Conservative Voters)
Stuart & Kathy Lane, DFW Conservative Voters
I've known Trasa for about 18 years and her values have never wavered.  She is an involved mother, community citizen and teacher.  I know that she will serve our community well and with honor.  Trasa Cobern is an amazing wife, mother and teacher that learned about community involvement at an early age as the daughter of a career US Army service member and has taken those lessons into her adult life.  Without fail, she has supported the community and her family through many selfless roles as a leader in activities that help grow her family and our community.  Tarrant County will do well to have her serve as our next Tax Assessor/Collector.  Her conservative commitment to lower tax rates and keep government within a budget is verifiable during her time with the Hurst City Council.
Michele Dykstra
I've known her for 5 years and I support her for her strong family values and her support for education.
Chris Adams
Trasa Cobern is a intelligent, reasonable, and dedicated candidate.  She handles being a wife, mother, teacher, city councilwoman, friend, mentor with ease and grace and will bring those qualities to the tax assessor's office.  I highly recommend Trasa Cobern!
Susan Alcala
Great neighbor and family.  My grandson would be lost without the boys.
Donna Amburn
Trasa has the conservative ethics and Christian values we in Tarrant County have grown accustomed to.  “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” - Joshua 24:15
Robert Barnett
Trasa Robertson Cobern is the obvious choice for your vote.  She is honest, fair and a hard worker.  Trasa is a mom and a wife who is a Christian and lives by those principals daily, so when you go to vote, vote for Trasa!
Sheri Biggs
I've known Trasa for about 10 years.  She is honest, hard working, and I think she will make a great Tarrant County Tax Assessor!
Scott Bjornlie
I've known Trasa Robertson Cobern and worked with her for over 6 years.  She is a phenomenal teacher, and incredibly hard worker.  She's very creative and innovative in the classroom, and able to keep even the least interested student involved and paying attention.  She never rested, she was never satisfied with where she was at.  She was always trying to do better and make it more interesting.  From what I know, she is going to do the same thing as Tax Assessor.
Brian Cambra
Conservative family values perfect for a conservative family community.
Chris Childress
Trasa teaches with purpose and intent.  Her students know what is expected of them.  She is consistent and methodical in her classroom management.  I would imagine she will apply the same principles to her public service.
John Cobb
I support Trasa Robertson Cobern because she is number one a godly woman.  She's highly educated, very smart, high energy, just a great family person.
Bob Coffee
Trasa Robertson Cobern is an amazing person, mentor and friend who really cares about her community and the students she works with.  In 2013, Trasa spearheaded a mentoring program for teenaged girls in a local jr.  high which she and her husband continue to support.
Kathy Cox
I've known Trasa Robertson Cobern for over 9 years.  My son and her sons have gone to school together.  I've worked with her for 6 years at Trinity High School.  I know her strengths are firmly rooted in her faith, her family, and public service.
John Deal
I support Trasa Robertson Cobern because of her honesty, integrity, and her family spirit.
Leon Dreier
I have known Trasa for nearly 20 years.  She has good, conservative values - pro-life & pro-2nd Amendment.  She is an honest & moral person whom I trust implicitely.
Ronald Dykstra
I've known Trasa Robertson Cobern now for 12 years and I think she would be an excellent Tax Collector here in Tarrant County.  She's a great family woman, great servant leader, and I think she'd do a fantastic job.
Matt Eiserloh
I have known Trasa Robertson Cobern for 15 years.  I've known her as a mom, as a fellow volunteer, as a sister in Christ, and she is the real deal.
Denise Epp
I've known her a little over 16 years.  She's an amazing mom and a great person.
Christy Farina
I strongly support Trasa and what she stands for in the Conservative Republican Party.
Kay Farrell
We need good honest conservative Republicans to help make our make our country great again and I feel that you can do the job.  God bless you
Robin Finstad
For honesty, integrity, and character vote Trasa Robertson Cobern!
Jesse Freeman
I've known Trasa Robertson Cobern for close to 25 years though our husbands.  Trasa is a hardworking, educated, a great mother, and I believe she will be a wonderful Tax Assessor for Tarrant County!
Sunday Gregory
So happy to cast my vote for a true conservative
Jayne Harrison
So happy to cast my vote for a true conservative
Jayne Harrison
So happy to cast my vote for a true conservative
Jayne Harrison
I've known Trasa both as a mom and a fellow teacher.  I know that she is going to be a great Tarrant County Tax Assessor! Vote for Trasa Robertson Cobern!
Kelli Hernandez
We've known Trasa Robertson Cobern for 11 years.  She's a wonderful person, incredible leader, and we strongly support her for Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector.  Vote for Trasa Robertson Cobern!
Charlie & Clarene Hight
Tarrant County needs the strong principled leadership Trasa Robertson Cobern provides.
Deborah Hinckley
As a Hispanic and conservative, Trasa represents the moral, economic values that my family and I want as the fiscal conservative we need.  Personal property taxes are very important to me, so if she does what she says then I will vote for her again, if not I will re-evaluate her the next time.  But I believe she will deliver.
Eralio Hinojoza
Although I don't know Trasa personally, our sons play sports together and I have heard nothing but wonderful things about her through friends.  I believe in her qualities and abilities and am proud to vote for her.  That's a fact Jack!
Danielle Holman
Getting to know Trasa via Hurst 101 Classes.  Appreciate her openness and position on taxes.  Although no Personal Income Tax in Texas, property taxes should be watched.  Seems like our rates are higher than most.  You can count on my vote!
Terry Holsinger
I've known Trasa Robertson Cobern for about 6 years though church.  I'm excited to vote for Trasa for Tax Assessor.  I think she's smart, has great common sense, and I think she'll ensure her staff will do a good job while she is in office.
Susan Hughes
I've know Trasa Robertson Cobern through the Hurst City Council.  One of her goals as a Council Woman was to get more people involved in government and she?s done a great job at that.
Jessica Martin
Trasa is fully committed and competent to manage the County Tax Assessor Office.  Her experience serving on the Hurst City Council will allow her to hit the ground running when elected.  I appreciate Trasa's past public service and look forward to casting my vote for Trasa Robertson Cobern in the upcoming Republican Primary.
Debbie McDaniels
Trasa was my student teacher and I've always known her to show great attention to detail and a lot of common sense.  I think she'll make a great Tax Assessor.  Thank you!
Cliff Meixner
Trasa has the Normand family vote!!! She has been serving and teaching in our community for many years and we are proud to support her efforts!!
Joey & Amy Normand
I've known Trasa Robertson Cobern for over 11 years though our children.  I think she will make an excellent Tax Assessor-Collector.  Vote for Trasa!
Dena Pierson
I've known Trasa for 14 years.  She is kind and hardworking.  Please vote for Trasa for Tarrant County Tax Assessor.  Vote for Trasa!
Katrina Ramos
Can't wait to vote for Trasa! We love what she, and her family stand for, and are excited to see all the she accomplishes!
Rosie Roberson
I have known Trasa Robertson Cobern for 14 years.  She is trustworthy, loyal, and hardworking.  Trasa is the best candidate for Tarrant County Tax Assessor! Please put your support behind her!
Rochelle Ross
As Precinct Chair of 3392, I proudly endorse Tresa as our next Tax Assessor-Collector.  She will do her best for Tarrant County.
Vandolyn Roszell
I've known Trasa for like 5 years.  She is an awesome person!  She has a love for her family, God, her community, and she is a teacher.  I think she would be a great asset as Tax Assessor.
Peggy Sayer
We've been Trasa Robertson Cobern's next door neighbors for the last 15 years and we support her because of her tireless community involvement!
Steve & Phylecia Schooling
I've known her for little over 10 years.  She is dedicated to the community, she is humble, and she is generous.  She supports the underdog and she looks out for everyone.
Leslie Shiflet
Trasa is the right conservative person to fill the position of Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector.  She will put the concerns of the citizens first and not politicians.  You won't find a more dedicated hard working person than Trasa.  She will appreciate your vote on election day.  When she is elected she will make us all proud!
Delmar Smith
Trasa stands for the values that hold our country together.  She believes in Family, Community, and God.  I am proud to support and stand with Trasa Robertson Cobern for Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector.
Frank Smith
I heartily endorse Trasa Robertson Cobern for Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector.  Trasa is one of the, if not THE, most honest and compassionate people I know.  She truly cares about issues and puts her actions to her words.  She exudes honesty and character -- she always take the high road.  I'm proud to call her my friend...and she's got my vote!
Susan Smith
I am proud to endorse a conservative and religious rising star.  The future depends on individuals with character, like Trasa.
Marvin Spiller
One conversation with Trasa during a citizens of Hurst academy and I knew she was a Conservative voice of the people and held strong family values.  She has my continued support!
Diane Stevens
I support Trasa Robertson Cobern running for Tarrant County Tax Assessor.  She is a wife, a mother.  She is a teacher.  She is a responsible person.  She is a person who knows about tight budgets.  She knows about being the daughter of an enlisted person with accountability, accessibility, and financial responsibility, all meet.  She will be a great Tarrant County Tax Assessor.  I'm going to Vote for Trasa and hope you do the same.  Thank you.
Chaplain Rich Stoglin
Trasa is the only one running in this race, that I trust 100% to represent all citizens of Tarrant County! There is no doubt that Trasa will meet and exceed our expectations as Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector.
Anne Terry
I support Trasa Robertson Cobern for Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector.  She's come from a good Christian family and carries that Christian attitude forward.
Gary Terry
I've known Trasa Robertson Cobern for 5 years.  She's a dedicated wife, mother, and teacher, and I'm supporting her because she is passionate about serving her community.  Trasa is awesome!
Crystal Turner
I started teaching at Trinity High School with Trasa over 5 years ago.  She's very passionate about what she does, very detailed in her work.  I think she will make a great Tax Assessor-Collector.  Please vote for Trasa!
Moses Vakalahi
I've known Trasa Robertson Cobern for about 6 years.  She's a hardworking honest and dedicated person, but more importantly, she is committed to family values.  I know she will do a great job as Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector.
Jayson Wiles
As Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Hurst, I've known Trasa well over 5 years.  She's really a dedicated public servant.  She is always prepared.  She is completely full of integrity and she will make an excellent Tax Collector and Assessor.
Honorable Henry Wilson
We've known Trasa Robertson Cobern for better than 12 years now.  We support her for Tarrant County Tax Assessor because she's a kind, honest, caring, conservative Christian woman and she will serve us all well.  Vote for Trasa!
Scott & Deana Woods

Supporter List

Chris AdamsMarylynn Landry
Cindy AdamsStuart & Kathy Lane, DFW Conservative Voters
Dave AdkinsKaren Lawson
Donna Alford SchneiderJim Leary
Donna AmburnDon Lindsey
Deborah Andrews HartmanPam Lindsey
Dallas ArterJerry & Marilyn Lonon
Shelly BalchEric Love
Kimberly BallPamela Lynch
Louise BallewDebbie Martin
Robert BarnettJessica Martin
Patrick BarracloughLisa Martin
Claudia BarrowBrian Mazzola
Shawn BarryJason & Tresa McCaffity
Macie BemrickRobert McCorvy
Deanna BennettDebbie McDaniels
Laura BergDebbie McDoniel
Sheri BiggsAndrea McGinley
Scott BjornlieGlynis McGinty
Richard BlairCheri McGovern
Debi BlankenshipRonda McGrew
Walter Bluemel Jr.Kim McTee
Andrea BrackenLauri Meier
Jason BranumCliff Meixner
David BrockmanTodd Merritt
Kenneth & Mary BrownDoris Meyer
Robin BrownTara Milarski
Rebecca BucknerJohn Miller
Nancy BumpersLynne Moffatt
William CahillJames Moore
Lisa CainBarbie Morgan Sheffield
Brian CambraBrandon Morris
Anthony CampbellPerry Moseley
Dee CampbellGayla Neal
Shantelle CamungolGus & Joycelyn Nixon
Andy CargileJoey & Amy Normand
Phyllis ChainRicky O'Rear
Chris ChildressTorey Osborne Dill
Michael ChilesVicki Ouellette
David ClinesGregg Palmer
John CobbAngela Parker
Bob CoffeeLori Perry
Justin & Sarah CoffeeSherri Phelps
Kim CollumDena Pierson
Suzy ComptonKatherine Pilcher
Kathy CoxAmy Pitman
Brian CramerJay Pratt
Starla DaltonMary Pruitt
Kelly de LeonRichard Rader
John DealKatrina Ramos
Nancy DeBaunEllen Rankin
Mike DelgadoGail Redden
Bigyan DevkotaDonald Renz
Steve DoddNona Rhea
Leon DreierJenn Richardson
Michele DykstraLarry Riddle
Ronald DykstraRosie Roberson
Tony EastmamMike Robertson
Matt EiserlohDavid Robinson
Shae ElligRochelle Ross
Denise EppShannon Rosson
Christy FarinaVandolyn Roszell
Bobby FarrellCurtis Rowland
Kay FarrellJames Schaare
Robin FinstadSteve & Phylecia Schooling
Roger FisherMargaret Seeley
Jesse FreemanScott Sheppard
Joe FuchsLeslie Shiflet
Larry FullbrightKami Simmons
Pat FulpsRod Simmons
Donna FurinKaren Sinclair
Annette GoffBarry Smith
Sunday GregoryDaphne Smith
George GriffithDelmar Smith
Bob GriggsFrank Smith
Michelle GuessSusan Smith
Bob HamptonMarvin Spiller
Robert HarrisGreg St John
Jayne HarrisonJanice Stahl
Jayne HarrisonJulie Starr
Jayne HarrisonDiane Stevens
Jennifer HawkinsDonald Stewart
Maureen HeatonAngel Stief
Michael & Holley HendricksonChaplain Rich Stoglin
Kelli HernandezThomas Summers
Rachel HernandezAaron Switzer
Annette HigginsAndrea Taylor
Charlie & Clarene HightKeith Taylor
Ronald HillAnne Terry
Tammy HillGary Terry
Deborah HinckleyRichard Thomas
Tom & Dolly HingstEileen Thrash
Eralio HinojozaEdward Tomek
Kelley HinsonTerri Trammell
Kelly HintemeyerHeidi Tune
Kelli HodgesCrystal Turner
Danielle HolmanBridget Upchurch
Terry HolsingerMoses Vakalahi
Kyle & Christy HorneAudrey Van Liew
Chad HouseholderAllan van Meter
Tammi HowardHolly Vandiver
Stacy Howard-LesinskiBeverly Vice Wallis
Susan HughesMelaine Wagner
Marilyn HungerfordMorgan Waldrop
Beverly IhnfeldtBrandye Wenrick
James IrvingLeona Wenzel
Bo JeffcoatDorene Whatley
Blake JenkinsNancy White
Danny JensenVickie White
Shannon JonesJamie Wilder
Dawn Jordan-WellsJayson Wiles
Diane KainMiranda Wiles
Margaret KaysHenry & Gail Wilson
Cecil KearneyRichard Wolfe
Bonnie KraulScott & Deana Woods
Don KraulKathy Zellman