Our amazing Father in Heaven,

Thank you for allowing us to celebrate our Independence Day this week.  Thank you for the gift of barbeques, of lake trips, of homemade ice cream and parades and fireworks.  Thank you for the temporary gift of all of us loving being American, and the greatness there is in our unity.

Knowing that you know all things before they happen, and that you give us what we need, not what we want, I come before you today to ask that you watch over President Trump today, this week, and throughout his administration.  Especially this week, Father, as we celebrate the institution of liberty by the people and for the people, please guide his thoughts to liberty and the protection of all its people.  Guide his thoughts and his selection process over the choice of the next Supreme Court Justice to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, and please guide him to choose someone who is clearly a high intellect but someone who uses their intelligence within the law.  Help President Trump to continue to put life first in his judicial selections, while tempering his choice with great merit as well as heart.

Father, once that choice is made, help America to come together behind that person.  Allow us to unify, not divide, over this.  Help that choice to navigate the dangerous seas of the Senate confirmation process, and prove that goodness can triumph.  Soothe the thoughts and fears of the Senators, and allow them the grace to see your will in all of this.

Please watch over all our leaders during this tumultuous time.  Guide us to better versions of ourselves, and keep us focused on what is right, not what is our version of winning.

Thank you for all you give us, and for the incredible gift of your Son, Jesus.  Amen.